TCF Corporate launches its ‘DISTINCT Service’

They say ‘practice makes perfect’, well that’s certainly becoming the norm here at TCF with the overwhelming influx of problematic cases in recent months. The one thing this pandemic has taught us is that it certainly brings out the weird and wonderful when it comes to distinct incoming cases.

As where many suppliers may wish to swerve such unique and complex caseloads, we have seen a major influx and are showcasing amazing results. The sharp rise in these types of cases which often require intensive resources and expertise, have seemingly come about with TCF being contacted ‘on the off chance’ at the very end of the claims process after every other option has been exhausted.

What started as a few, has rolled into the hundreds, providing rates evidence on pretty much anything no matter how distinctive, whether it be supermarket chain vans, tractors and trailers or caravans, through to agricultural machinery, quad bikes or couriers. The feedback from clients is that these types of cases are causing serious headaches. They are often more expensive, more contentious and stand apart from their ordinary case load with fewer oft-trodden paths to successful negotiation. Help is now on hand and has given way to TCF’s new DISTINCT Service, pushing skillsets further into niche futures.

Stuart Dennis of TCF comments “Appreciating we now sit firmly within the age of computer rate provision, there is no substitute for human investigation when it comes to niche rates provision. This is an area that’s spiralling and based upon instructions, its growing fast”. Adding “It made perfect sense to spin this service off from our conventional offerings, as far greater experience and research is required to provide clients with such niche rates”

TCF’s DISTINCT Service is in full operation, proven and available. No matter how unusual the rates subject may seem, TCF are now on hand to offer rates provision.

For a DISTINCT Service rate card please contact us at

Our Standards

  • Rigorous training programme.
  • TCF operate a 100% audit system whereby members of the senior management team audit every report before it is sent to our instructing client.
  • All screen grabs are time and date stamped with no member of the credit hire team including senior management having the ability to alter their work stations time and date settings.
  • Instructing clients are free to audit TCF as often as they require and also by whatever means suits them best whether that be by a site visit, a remote audit or collating the information to be audited by a third party of their choice.