Brand New Service Coming Soon!

FairRate is a contemporaneous historic data rates evidence service done the TCF way.

With FairRate you will not only have access to basic rates evidence, our system will build on TCF’s successful methodology by offering a fully bespoke service which autonomously integrates every facet of the claimant’s personal requirements into a user friendly easy to read report.

The additional extras such as additional driver, young driver surcharges etc will be integrated seamlessly into your report. Simply input your parameters and the report will produce itself instantly.

Not only will this produce the most comparable rates evidence possible at the earliest possible point in the claim cycle, FairRate will also quickly identify cases whereby rates evidence will never be available due to the age of the driver for instance.

This will save precious time for our clients and avoid nasty surprises further down the line.

The service will be fast, high quality and most importantly accurate and trustworthy. Everything you have come to expect from TCF.

Whether you are an existing valued TCF customer or new to what we do, we are committed to fairness which means no hidden charges, no future obligations and no hidden agendas.

Contact us now for more information on FairRate as we approach the launch of what we believe to be an industry leading service.