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TCF Field Investigation Services

TCF field draws upon a team of expert investigators all of whom have
a background in either the insurance, legal, police or military sectors
and are accredited to a nationally recognised standard. We comply fully
with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, Civil Proceeding Act

Field services include;

RTA Liability
and Fraud Investigation

  • Conduct face-to-face interviews to obtain CPR compliant
  • Obtain completed mandates from the driver(s)
  • Conduct a site visit at the locus, producing computerised
    sketch plans and photographic representations of the accident
  • Carry out various fraud screening checks via to establish
    any previous claims history
  • Provide a comprehensive, conclusive report, with recommendations

Tracing and Cold

  • Undertake to trace missing parties, both in the UK and internationally.
    These include bad debtors, evasive Third Parties, Company Directors,
    Sole Traders, and Limited Companies
  • Conduct extensive database searches
  • Carry out speculative calls at the subject addresses
  • Provide a comprehensive, conclusive report, with recommendations


  • Undertake surveillance and investigations for insurance
    companies, leading solicitors firms and financial institutions
  • Investigate high quantum and complex insurance claims that
    require comprehensive investigation, incorporating background
    checks, financial enquiries, and surveillance
  • Guarantee that the filmed results are achieved legally.
    All our camera operators are innovative and experienced.
  • Produce detailed surveillance logs during the course of
    an assignment. We have an attention to detail and thoroughly
    assess a location prior to filming.
  • Offer a one man, Fast Track insurance claim surveillance
    service to gain primary evidence and assess the merits for a
    larger operation
  • Commit to legally establishing if a Claimant is exaggerating
    their injuries
  • Provide only factual evidence that allows our clients to
    enter into negotiated settlements with confidence
  • Provide a comprehensive, conclusive report, with recommendations

Protect your reputation

  • Guaranteed return on investment.
  • Bespoke services to meet individual requirements.
  • Enhances the insurer brand
  • Reduces confrontation with dishonest claimants.
  • Engagement deters positive selection by fraudsters
  • TCF fully supports FSA compliance