Motor Fraud

Motor insurance is renowned for the risk it poses to insurers.The risks in motor are manifold from contrived accidents and exaggerated injury claims through to bogus motor thefts, and all can involve both organised gangs and individual policyholders.

The industry has taken a number of proactive steps in recent years, including employing the services of TCF, in order to reduce or obviate that risk. TCF continues to play a pivotal role in motor insurance fraud management and leads the way in its services and solutions to insurers.

The company delivers a cradle to grave desk top claims management and investigation service specifically engineered to the motor insurance market.

Key Features

  • TCF Motor’s approach concentrates on the claim event in the first instance, and not the claimant, which is a reversal from convention and in stark contrast to traditional claims handling approaches. This methodology enables quick decisions to be made about genuine claims and confident decisions to be made about high risk claims. High risk claims are seamlessly handed off to our counter-fraud specialists who are skilled to fully investigate claims, gather evidence to repudiate claims, and also encourage and enable inappropriate claims to be withdrawn.
  • Each customer is taken through a unique validation process, where they speak with a psychologically trained validation expert whose role is to determine genuine and high risk claims utilising TCF’s self-developed Fraud Management Solution.
  • The validation process enables claimants to tell their story but also controls the imagination of the dishonest claimant providing a completely unobtrusive risk assessment of the claim.
  • Where a claim is validated as genuine TCF Motor will fast track the claim to settlement actively reducing lifecycles for genuine claimants and where applicable applying vigorous cost control through use of the company’s bespoke Motor Vehicle Valuation Service.
  • Where a high risk is identified the claim will be referred to TCF’s specialist investigation unit to review the evidence, look for any gaps, and where necessary take the claim to a point of repudiation. Our Investigators are specifically trained to focus on the anomalies that have arisen during the validation
  • Insurers can opt for TCF Motor to manage the repudiation process on their behalf, informing policyholders of the decision and explaining the basis upon which it has been taken.

Our Standards

  • Rigorous training programme.
  • TCF operate a 100% audit system whereby members of the senior management team audit every report before it is sent to our instructing client.
  • All screen grabs are time and date stamped with no member of the credit hire team including senior management having the ability to alter their work stations time and date settings.
  • Instructing clients are free to audit TCF as often as they require and also by whatever means suits them best whether that be by a site visit, a remote audit or collating the information to be audited by a third party of their choice.