TCF Vehicle Valuations

One of the main factors which distinguish TCF from its competitors is the delivery of a detailed electronic report within 24 hours. Valuations can be requested by completing the TCF instruction template. Once received, TCF will acknowledge receipt (via email) and a valuation will be undertaken.

1. Valuation
TCF undertakes valuations by using industry recognised guides at the same time as introducing TCF’s own uniquely developed geographical and conditional set of research to provide an accurate market value.

Not only will TCF provide an accurate market value to enable the claim to be settled quickly and confidently, TCF will also provide a detailed calculation and exampled research to demonstrate the transparency of the calculated value.

2. Settlement
We understand that valuations may need to be presented directly to the claimant in order to settle at the earliest opportunity. To aid with this, TCF will generate a valuation letter which can either be returned with the report or sent directly to the claimant depending on your requirements.

3. TCF Report and Summary

Every TCF valuation will generate an individual report providing available information against each element of the service. Areas highlighted for savings generated against industry benchmarks, including examples of supporting evidence, will be provided as standard. Insurers will receive their TCF valuation reports electronically within 24 hours of instruction.

For prices and further information to suit your specific requirements, please call 0844 561 8206 or email

Protect your reputation

  • Guaranteed return on investment.
  • Bespoke services to meet individual requirements.
  • Enhances the insurer brand
  • Reduces confrontation with dishonest claimants.
  • Engagement deters positive selection by fraudsters
  • TCF fully supports FSA compliance